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Abstraktes und Figuratives in der religiosen Kunst

Abstract and figurative in religious art


Ausstellung - Exhibition

Engelsburg - Castel Sant'Angelo

01-05./ 31-05-2015

Kloster Neustif - Abbey of Novacella

Vahrn, Bozen - Bolzano


From the year of its foundation, in 1142, the Novacella Abbey has always been a thriving center of religious and sacred art. From music to architecture to the performing arts, all the artistic periods have left their mark. To honor this tradition, the Convention Center of the Abbey of Novacella will organize a conference scheduled for May 2, 2015 in collaboration with the artists Filip Moroder-Doss of Ortisei and Filippo Rossi of Florence. To frame the conference will be an exhibition on the theme "Abstract and figurative in religious art - contrast or integration?", Which will remain on display from 1 to 31 May 2015.

Both artists have already won a certain reputation in their field. Filip Moroder-Doss active in the field of figurative art and Filippo Rossi as an artist who explores abstract art. From the comparison with these two different expressions and artistic productions, the desire to reflect on the dialectic relationship between abstract and figurative art in the context of a scientific symposium was born in Novacella. A dialectical relationship that must be studied from different points of view. In the first place, it is the "development of sacred art from the historical point of view" (paying attention to the specific theme of the conference). To develop this topic will be Mons. Timothy Verdon, director of the Diocesan Museum of Florence and in charge of the Diocese of Florence for the Protection of Sacred Art and Ecclesiastical Cultural Heritage.

"The meaning of art for religion" is instead the title of the contribution that Yvonne zu Dohna, professor of History of Art at the Faculty of History and Ecclesiastical Cultural Heritage at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, will give to the conference.

Of particular interest for the Convention Center of the Abbey of Novacella is the biblical aspect of this theme. Barbara Schmitz, professor of the Old Testament at the Faculty of Catholic Theology of the University of Würzburg, will place at the center of her report the prohibition contained in the Old Testament "Do not make yourself sculpture nor any image".

Finally, the conference will offer a reflection on the theme of the 'ecumenical meaning of sacred art in the dialectic between abstract and figurative'. In this regard Jerome Cottin, professor of practical theology at the Faculty of Protestant Theology of the University of Strasbourg will intervene. At the end of these four interventions there will be the possibility for the public to dialogue with the speakers and the speakers and the artists.

The exhibition of Filip Moroder-Doss and Filippo Rossi at Castel Sant'Angelo of the Abbey of Novacella will open the day before the conference on 1 May 2015.

The conference and the exhibition are aimed in particular at an audience of artists, architects, heads of ecclesiastical bodies, people interested in the topic on a professional and / or private level, coming from Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. During the event there is a simultaneous German-Italian translation.

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