The Magnifice Art Factory was inaugurated on 8 December 2018. It was an exhibition and work space that was opened on request and on special occasions. This space was also open to courses and updates in the artistic field. After about 4 years this space was closed for a new start. The Factory has merged with a new studio that offers more space and interactions with the outside.

Today all of Magnifice Filippo Rossi's production is managed by the new Magnifice Art Factory. Meeting place on request with gallery owners, experts, art connoisseurs, admirers, clients and friends of the artist Filippo Rossi. Here, the visitor feels welcomed and encouraged to take a journey into creativity and spirituality, walking among works of art, colors, sculptures, materials and tools of all kinds that bring the mind back to a distant time where the workshops art, as in Renaissance Florence, were hotbeds of ingenuity, creativity and beauty. We invite you to come and visit us by contacting the artist directly.