The work was commissioned as a corporate gift for the 50th anniversary of the Jersey Mode of Prato thanks to the beautiful intuition of some company employees.

I thought of making a fabric work on extruded polystyrene and I asked the company directly for the fabrics that I would use for the creation of the work. The meaning becomes clear above all having been able to know the family atmosphere that reigns within the Prato company: Life is like a large fabric; wefts and warps pass by like the days. Color is the flavor that life acquires over time. But it is only the gold of creativity, imagination, joy, spirituality, passion and light that gives full meaning to everything. These 50 years of activity are the concrete expression of the life and passion of this company.

Title: Building the Tomorrow 19. 100 x 220 cm, Acrylic, gold leaf, fabric, paper and bitumen on canvas and extruded polystyrene. 2022.

The work is part of the private collection of the Jersey Mode of Prato.

Private collection